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DTG Benefits

DTG printing is a method of printing digital designs directly onto garments using a special printer and ink. This is different from screen printing, which involves creating a stencil and then pressing ink through the stencil onto the garment. DTG printing is great for designs with lots of colors, transparency, and gradients, and can produce high-quality photorealistic images. At Xsports, we use one of the best DTG printers available, and can print large designs up to 16×20 inches. We recommend using 100% cotton garments for the best results, and our special curing method ensures that the prints will last just as long as screen prints.

  • Unlimited Colors
  • Doesn’t Fade
  • Vibrant look
  • Shorter Setup Time

Elevate Your Apparel with Direct to Garment Printing

Discover the power of Direct to Garment (DTG) printing with Xsport. From vivid color reproduction to unlimited design possibilities, DTG offers unmatched versatility and quality.
Vivid Color Reproduction

DTG printing allows for vibrant and detailed color reproduction, capturing even the most intricate designs with stunning clarity. From gradients to fine details, DTG ensures your artwork comes to life exactly as intended.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Unlike traditional printing methods, DTG printing eliminates the need for minimum order quantities. Whether you need one shirt or a hundred, DTG allows for cost-effective printing of small batch orders, making it ideal for personalized or limited edition designs.

Versatility in Design

DTG printing offers unparalleled versatility in design, allowing for the printing of complex, multi-color designs with ease. Whether it's photographs, illustrations, or intricate patterns, DTG can reproduce virtually any design onto a wide range of garment types and colors.

Soft and Breathable Prints

DTG prints result in soft and breathable finishes, blending seamlessly into the fabric of the garment for a comfortable wearing experience. Unlike traditional screen printing, which can sometimes feel heavy or stiff, DTG prints retain the natural feel and texture of the fabric.

Some of our samples

DTG Max Print Dimensions

These dimensions apply to front and back torso area of tees, longsleeves, crewneck sweaters, and hoodies.

Front/Back: Up to 16×20″

To keep graphics above a hoodie pocket, max height is approx. 10.5″

DTG Print Template

To ensure accurate sizing, download our .PSD template

Can I mix screen print with DTG?

Combining DTG and screen print is not recommended due to color variance between the inks used. It’s best to choose one print type or the other.

How long do the prints last?

We use a unique ink curing method that is similar to the process used in screen printing. With proper care, our prints are designed to last just as long as those on a screen printed garment.

To ensure your custom apparel lasts as long as possible, we recommend following a few simple care instructions. Turn your shirts inside out before washing, and use cold water and a gentle detergent. Avoid using bleach or any harsh chemicals that can damage the print. Finally, hang drying your garments is the best way to maintain the quality and longevity of your prints, whether they were created with screen printing or DTG methods.

Why should I use DTG printing?

DTG printing is the ideal choice for highly detailed or photorealistic artwork, as it can capture all of the intricate details and colors in your original design. With DTG printing, there is no color limit, and if your design includes transparency, we can easily replicate that in the print.

In addition to producing high-quality prints, DTG printing is also faster than screen printing because it requires minimal setup time.

How accurate are DTG colors?

DTG printing uses the CMYK color process, which combines cyan, magenta, and yellow to produce over 16,000 colors. To ensure the best possible representation of your design in DTG printing, we recommend adjusting the color mode in your graphics editor software to CMYK mode (default setting is typically in RGB).

Please note that very fluorescent or neon colors may appear slightly different in DTG printing compared to what you see on your screen.

What’s the difference between DTG and screen print?

At Xsports Manufacturing, we use two different printing processes for custom apparel: DTG and screen printing. DTG printing utilizes water-based CMYK ink, while screen printing uses plastisol ink. The processes used for each method are completely different and result in different outcomes.

For designs that are highly detailed or photorealistic, DTG printing is often the preferred method. This is because it can more accurately replicate the original digital image compared to screen printing.

While both printing methods yield high-quality results, certain artwork may work better with one or the other. Don’t worry, though – our knowledgeable sales representatives can recommend the best printing method for your specific design to ensure the highest quality outcome for your custom apparel project.

Do you offer samples?

Absolutely! We welcome sample orders and recommend them, especially for designs with intricate artwork or if you have specific color preferences. Keep in mind that DTG printing can react differently to various garment types, even if they are 100% cotton. The dye used in the garment can affect the final print quality. For this reason, we suggest testing any garment with a unique dye before a full production run.

What’s your minimum?

There are no minimums on DTG printing!

What’s your turnaround time?

Our average production time for DTG printing is typically 7-10 business days. This timeframe begins after payment is received in full and we have all necessary blanks in stock. Please note that the inclusion of additional services or add-ons to your project may increase the turnaround time.

Rush Fee
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